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Jesmonite Shell- Off-White

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SKU: P0475S

This Jesmonite Shell is a catch-all for all your cool stuff! Keep it fun by using it as a place to store your trinkets, baubles, and other doodads. Crafted to be lightweight and durable - it's the perfect accessory for any living space!

These handcrafted oval trays are made with Jesmonite, a water-based composite material that is sustainable, eco-friendly, and durable. 

Since they are handcrafted, they are unique. You might notice variations in colors and patterns.

The oval trays are perfect for organizing small items such as jewelry, makeup, keys, and more.

How to care-
- All product is sealed to become water-resistant.
- No dishwasher use.
- Clean and wipe carefully with a damp cloth.

Not suitable for food use.

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